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a hack·er

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  1. A hacker is someone who is able to break into systems or digital devices.

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  1. The numerical value of a hacker in Chaldean Numerology is: 1

  2. The numerical value of a hacker in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Examples of a hacker in a Sentence

  1. We have a generation now that was born with Internet access, who were using computers before they could walk. Hacking tools and techniques are readily accessible on the Internet and they are becoming increasingly easy to use. When you pair these two elements with the appeal of hacker culture fueled by a bit of teenage rebellion, you have a potentially volatile cocktail.

  2. Had nothing to do with my campaign. You know, all of the hackers, and all of the -- everybody that you see, nothing to do with my campaign, if the hackers -- a lot of them probably like Hillary Clinton better than me. Now they do, now they do. You know, they go after some hacker in Russia they say oh, that had nothing to do with my campaign.

  3. Remember, this isn’t the first time Sony has been brought to its knees by a hacker group. In 2011, hackers took down Sony’s PlayStation Network for 23 days, sony Pictures has royally P.O.’d someone, and if they make it their mission to sink Sony, it’s possible they could do it. A company of their size can withstand this type of hit once, but not three, four, five times in a row.

  4. You are still outside the provision about giving someone an access device because you didn't give the hacker permission.

  5. They clearly had to recruit co-conspirators and have that type of hacker-for-hire, this is the first case where it's that clear of a connection.

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