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c program·mer·s disease

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The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. The tendency of the undisciplined C programmer to set arbitrary but supposedly generous static limits on table sizes (defined, if you're lucky, by constants in header files) rather than taking the trouble to do proper dynamic storage allocation. If an application user later needs to put 68 elements into a table of size 50, the afflicted programmer reasons that he or she can easily reset the table size to 68 (or even as much as 70, to allow for future expansion) and recompile. This gives the programmer the comfortable feeling of having made the effort to satisfy the user's (unreasonable) demands, and often affords the user multiple opportunities to explore the marvelous consequences of fandango on core. In severe cases of the disease, the programmer cannot comprehend why each fix of this kind seems only to further disgruntle the user.


  1. The numerical value of c programmers disease in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

  2. The numerical value of c programmers disease in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

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  • مرArabic
  • c programátoři nemocCzech
  • c programmører sygdomDanish
  • c Programmierer KrankheitGerman
  • γ προγραμματιστές νόσοGreek
  • enfermedad de los programadores de CSpanish
  • بیماری برنامه نویسان CPersian
  • c ohjelmoijat tautiFinnish
  • maladie c programmeursFrench
  • सी प्रोग्रामर रोगHindi
  • c programozók betegségHungarian
  • Penyakit c programmerIndonesian
  • malattia programmatori CItalian
  • מחלה מתכנתי CHebrew
  • Cプログラマの病気Japanese
  • C 프로그래머 질환Korean
  • c morbo programmersLatin
  • c programmeurs ziekteDutch
  • c programmerere sykdomNorwegian
  • Choroba programiści cPolish
  • doença programadores CPortuguese
  • boala programatori cRomanian
  • Болезнь ПрограммистыRussian
  • c programmerare sjukdomSwedish
  • கேட்ச் புரோகிராமர்கள் நோய்Tamil
  • โรคโปรแกรมเมอร์ CThai
  • c programcılar hastalıkTurkish
  • хвороба ПрограмістиUkrainian
  • سی پروگرامرز کی بیماریUrdu
  • bệnh lập trình cVietnamese
  • C פּראָוגראַמערז קרענקYiddish
  • C程序员病Chinese

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