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  1. The relationship between a node in a parse tree and its sibling nodes (usually meaning the children of the first branching node that dominates the node) and all the sibling nodes' children.


  1. In syntax, c-command is a relationship between nodes in constituency-based parse trees. Originally defined by Tanya Reinhart, It is analogous to "siblings and all their descendants" in family trees. C-command is closely associated with the phrase structure grammars of the Chomskyan tradition. It is not valid for or applicable to the tree structures of other theories of syntax. For instance, c-command as it is commonly understood can hardly be applied to the dependency-based structures of dependency grammars.


  1. The numerical value of c-command in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. The numerical value of c-command in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

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  1. This is the first time His Royal Highness has visited Joint Helicopter Command since becoming Captain General and it is great that he is doing the visit while we're in Norway, it is good for the people out here to see their hard work recognized during a significant year for the exercise.

  2. Defining him as weak denied him the ability to make the argument that by resume, competence and experience he was the most fit to command.

  3. The vice president is making his way to New Jersey for a luncheon with the president. President Donald Trump dines with his second-in-command once a week to discuss the administration's agenda and progress, and he's carrying on with tradition today, even though he is not in Washington. Trump is staying at his Bedminster golf resort while his home-away-from-home undergoes renovations. Vice PresidentMike Pencewill chat with him there ahead of travel to South America. Pence and Trump are seeing each other for the first time since the New York Times suggested the VP was conducing a shadow campaign for president. Pence says the charge is ‘absurd.’.

  4. It would take an army of bureaucrats and vastly more spending to realize Senator Warrens command and control aspirations.

  5. The poet is in command of his fantasy, while it is exactly the mark of the neurotic that he is possessed by his fantasy.

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