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  1. The connecting peptide, or C-peptide, is a short 31-amino-acid protein that connects insulin's A-chain to its B-chain in the proinsulin molecule. In the insulin synthesis pathway, first preproinsulin is secreted from the beta cells of the pancreas with an A-chain, a C-peptide, a B-chain, and a signal sequence. The signal sequence is cleaved from the N-terminus of the peptide by a signal peptidase, leaving proinsulin. Then the C-peptide is removed, leaving the A-chain and B-chain that constitute the insulin molecule.

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  1. The middle segment of proinsulin that is between the N-terminal B-chain and the C-terminal A-chain. It is a pancreatic peptide of about 31 residues, depending on the species. Upon proteolytic cleavage of proinsulin, equimolar INSULIN and C-peptide are released. C-peptide immunoassay has been used to assess pancreatic beta cell function in diabetic patients with circulating insulin antibodies or exogenous insulin. Half-life of C-peptide is 30 min, almost 8 times that of insulin.


  1. The numerical value of c-peptide in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

  2. The numerical value of c-peptide in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

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  1. The peptide described in the Immunity report is somewhat unusual because of the apparent specificity, if further studies show that it has a low level of cytotoxicity and it can protect in other animal models of influenza, it could be developed as a potential treatment for influenza.

  2. The frog makes this peptide for its own survival. It never gets influenza.

  3. You have the message and then you have the little stem that holds it up. The message can change but the stem is the same, and this peptide targets the stem of the hemagglutinin, that's why it's very efficient.

  4. This is the first orally-available GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) receptor agonist and that's a pretty big deal, just being able to take a pill every day makes it much more accessible.

  5. This peptide works by directly killing the virus, and it is specific for all influenza viruses that have a H1 type of hemagglutinin.

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