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Did you actually mean chopine or caspian?


  1. A neckbrace.

    When placing a C-spine on you must measure the person's neck precisely.

    Etymology: From cervical + spine

  2. The position in which a trauma patient's cervical spine is immobilized to prevent possible or further spinal injury.

    Always maintain C-spine if there is even a chance that someone has hit their head or fallen.

    Etymology: From cervical + spine

  3. To immobilize a person's neck and head.

    His neck is broken you must C-spine him now!

    Etymology: From cervical + spine

  4. cervical spinal immobilization

    Etymology: From cervical + spine


  1. The numerical value of c-spine in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

  2. The numerical value of c-spine in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

Examples of c-spine in a Sentence

  1. We physicians encourage overweight patients to lose weight to help reduce stress on the spine and improve efficiency of the back.

  2. I have a tumor behind my skull. I have a tumor on my sacrum. I have one on my [cervical] spine somewhere, and on my liver and my lymph node and my left breast, it’s just hard. I just, I don’t want to die.

  3. I’m so lucky it went to my spine … if it went to my brain, I would have died, and if it went to my limbs they would have been amputated.

  4. No man worth his salt, no man of spirit and spine, no man for whom I could have any respect, could rejoice in the identification of Tallulah's husband. It's tough enough to be bogged down in a legend. It would be even tougher to marry one.

  5. Night or day, who cares about the time? Feel the adrenaline rushing down the spine. Take a little chance, for it is the time to dance

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