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Did you actually mean foreskin or fair game?


  1. F-Origin provides innovative touchscreen, motion control, and UI technologies that enable OEMs/ODMs to rapidly develop intelligent interface solutions for mobile and fixed display devices. F-Origin’s technologies enable OEMs/ODMs to significantly increase their profit margins by increasing device marketability, reducing product development time and costs, increasing design flexibility, and improving product ease of use.


  1. The numerical value of f-origin in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. The numerical value of f-origin in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

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  1. Stone-Manning’s past statements from her graduate theses are highly concerning. ‘The origin of our abuses is us. If there were fewer of us, we would have less impact,’ and ‘We must consume less, and more importantly, we must breed fewer consuming humans’ are but a few examples of her radical, anti-human viewpoints, this should come as no surprise seeing as she collaborated with eco-terrorist groups with ties to Ted Kaczynski.

  2. We have received a request from Syria early this year to convert the HEU fuel to LEU fuel and to repatriate the HEU to the country of origin. We are now studying this request.

  3. Chinese buyers will (now) be looking to purchase Brent and Dubai-based crude oil and I would expect that to result in a widening of the Brent-to-WTI spread, in essence what you've done is created new demand for Brent-based crude oil at the expense of U.S.-origin crude.

  4. There was no trying about it. The sheet she gave out was pure doctrine in its origin, i will not have my children sit under a woman who indoctrinates them with the Islam religion when I am a Christian.

  5. We agree that the Commission should define safe countries of origin, that European countries should join forces to help Italy and Greece open registration centres and that those who have no right to stay go back to their countries of origin.

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