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  1. The first filial generation of seeds or animal offspring, which are usually vigorous and uniform. Produced by crossing two distinctly different parents.

    Etymology: Filial + 1 + hybrid


  1. F1 hybrid is a term used in genetics and selective breeding. F1 stands for Filial 1, the first filial generation seeds/plants or animal offspring resulting from a cross mating of distinctly different parental types. The term is sometimes written with a subscript, as F1 hybrid. The offspring of distinctly different parental types produce a new, uniform variety with specific characteristics from either or both parents. In fish breeding, those parents frequently are two closely related fish species, while in plant and animal genetics those parents usually are two inbred lines. Mules are F1 hybrids between horse and donkey. Today, certain domestic hybrid breeds, such as the Savannah cat, are classified by their filial generation number. Gregor Mendel's groundbreaking work in the 19th century focused on patterns of inheritance and the genetic basis for variation. In his cross-pollination experiments involving two true-breeding, or homozygous, parents, Mendel found that the resulting F1 generation were heterozygous and consistent. The offspring showed a combination of those phenotypes from each of the parents that were genetically dominant. Mendel’s discoveries involving the F1 and F2 generation laid the foundation for modern genetics.


  1. The numerical value of f1 hybrid in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

  2. The numerical value of f1 hybrid in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

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  1. Its hybrid cloud strategy has resonated with enterprises where this is a more realistic and flexible approach.

  2. We use the batteries to take care of these peaks. When the engines produce excess energy, this is transferred into the batteries. This secures smooth and optimal running of the engines at all time, significantly reducing fuel consumption and Read MoreMaritime emissions, lNG is substantially less polluting than conventional diesel fuel and utilizing LNG as a component in different hybrid set-ups is a major step towards achieving Hurtigruten's ultimate ambition of sailing emission free.

  3. We are committed to building, with a growing ecosystem of partners, an enduring hybrid cloud platform that will serve as a powerful catalyst for innovation for our clients and the world.

  4. Seehofer has clearly positioned himself against the chancellor in the debate on refugees - I really hope he doesn't go on this trip, if Seehofer goes, he needs to warn the Russians that they need to stop the hybrid falsification of information and the undercover financing of radical right-wing networks.

  5. The first rough landing will be made on the moon with our national and authentic hybrid rocket that shall be launched into orbit in the end of 2023 through international cooperation.

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