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  1. Gandhari is a character in the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. In the epic, she was an incarnation of Mati, as the daughter of Subala, the king of Gandhara, or the modern Kandahar, a region spanning northwestern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan, from which her name is derived. Gandhari's marriage was arranged to Dhritarashtra, the eldest prince of the Kuru kingdom, a region in Delhi and Haryana region. Gandhari voluntarily blindfolded herself throughout her married life. Her husband Dhritarashtra was born blind, and on meeting him and realizing this, she decided to share the pain of her blind husband. Gandhari bore a hundred sons, and one daughter, Dushala, who married Jayadratha. The Kauravas, principally Duryodhana, were the villains of the Mahabharata. When Duryodhana was born, he began braying like a jackal, and evil omens appeared during his birth year. Kripacharya and Vidura counseled the king and queen to kill the baby, but Ghandari refused. Gandhari made a single exception to her blindfolded state, when she removed her blindfold to see her eldest son, Duryodhana. She poured all her power into that one glance, rendering Duryodhana's entire body, except his loins as strong as iron. Krishna knew that and foiled this by meeting Duryodhana and asking him to cover up before meeting his mother. On their decisive encounter on the eighteenth day of the Kurukshetra battle, Bhima smashed Duryodhana's thighs, a move both literally and figuratively below the belt.


  1. The numerical value of gandhari in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. The numerical value of gandhari in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

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