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o anti·gens

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U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. The lipopolysaccharide-protein somatic antigens, usually from gram-negative bacteria, important in the serological classification of enteric bacilli. The O-specific chains determine the specificity of the O antigens of a given serotype. O antigens are the immunodominant part of the lipopolysaccharide molecule in the intact bacterial cell. (From Singleton & Sainsbury, Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, 2d ed)


  1. The numerical value of o antigens in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

  2. The numerical value of o antigens in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

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  1. In our paper, we replicated experimentally in monkeys a situation that [was] similar to the 2009 influenza pandemic, where a new strain of influenza unexpectedly emerged and current vaccines offered little or no protection, we vaccinated the monkeys with the same antigens included in the inactivated vaccine that year, but then also added, via our DNA vaccine, the genetic code for conserved influenza antigens. When we challenged the monkeys with the 2009 pandemic strain of influenza, we saw significant protection in the group that got the vaccine. They experienced only a transient low infection that was quickly cleared, when compared to the group that didn’t get the vaccine.

  2. The nanoparticle goes inside of the cell and then releases this RNA, and then the RNA makes copies of itself and it also makes proteins that are antigens (inducing an immune response). So these are the same types of proteins you might get for a vaccine.

  3. The immune system then recognizes these antigens and can mount a potent secondary assault on the remaining tumor.

  4. Perhaps the most promising aspect is the ability for this modified virus to not only directly kill brain cancer cells but to release tumor antigens.

  5. Viruses are pretty simple organisms and they all have antigens on their surface that are necessary to get them inside cells, everybody knows what the target for MERS is, it is the core spike protein, which is one of things that targets the cell receptor and allows it to get in. It's a single protein that can be used to induce an immune response.

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