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  1. street names for flunitrazepan


  1. The R-2 rocket was developed based on R-1 design. This was an improved version of the German V-2 rocket manufactured by the Soviet Union. The R-1 was quickly followed by an evolutionary improvement, the R-2, which had a longer range and at least four major differences in design. The weight was increased by 50%, but the range was more than doubled, to 600 km. R-2 had the following major differences from the R-1's design: The warhead separated from the rocket prior to atmospheric reentry, eliminating the hull strength problem, one of the V-2/R-1's biggest weaknesses. The propellant tank became the main load-bearing structure for the rocket, in contrast to the R-1's load-bearing hull. This reduced the overall weight of the spaceframe. The control module was moved from above the propellant tank to below the LOx tank. This made pre-launch preparations easier. As the control module was now placed directly over the engine, vibrations were reduced by using steel instead of aluminum for the tailcone. Radio guidance was introduced to improve accuracy, giving the R-2 accuracy comparable to the R-1, in spite of its doubled range.

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  1. The numerical value of r-2 in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

  2. The numerical value of r-2 in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

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