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  1. The generic designator for several digitally multiplexed signal carrier systems.


  1. T-carrier, sometimes abbreviated as T-CXR, refers to one of several digital transmission systems developed by Bell Labs. T-carriers are used in North America, South Korea, and Kyoto. The first of these was Transmission System 1, which Bell Labs introduced in 1962. T-1 greatly increased the number of telephone calls the telephone network was capable of transmitting at one time.


  1. The numerical value of t-carrier in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

  2. The numerical value of t-carrier in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

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  1. According to EU law a carrier from outside the EU cannot take over more than 49 percent of a carrier from the EU, hence we are in talks with potential investors, among others, from China.

  2. The president's comments were more in line with what officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity told CNN and other outlets after the ships were deployed Monday : that the U.S. ships were moved closer to Yemen to monitor and dissuade the Iranian convoy. Josh Earnest, though, focused on the need for the U.S. Navy ships to keep the region's waters safe for commerce. READ : Rubio, Kirk : No nuclear deal unless Iran releases reporter The movement of the -- of this particular aircraft carrier would augment the American military presence in the Gulf of Aden and would send a clear signal about our continued insistence about the free flow of commerce and the freedom of movement in the region.

  3. The most severe losses among government troops occurred near Avdiivka, where an armored personnel carrier was blown up by an enemy landmine.

  4. Older airlines like Delta, United, Lufthansa, et cetera have had to drop their fares to compete with new budget carrier, adjusted for inflation, flights to Europe today are cheaper than they've ever been. It is quite common to see fares to Paris, London, Barcelona, and elsewhere around $ 400 round trip — sometimes less ! — including bags and meals.

  5. There's a lot that's happening with an e-cigarette besides just the nicotine and the carrier fluid. You're also inhaling these flavoring chemicals like diacetyl or cousins of diacetyl, which have been found to be harmful.

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