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the (house of) com·mons

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  1. The numerical value of the (house of) commons in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

  2. The numerical value of the (house of) commons in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

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  1. While bills are being brought into House of to regulate every thing, from the sweeps crying "sweep," to "emancipation, vote by ballot, and free trade," is there no county member whose "time and talents'' are devoted to "domestic policy," who will bring in a bill "for the better regulation of the marriage ceremony," and put the canonical hours later in the day ? at all events, could there not be a special clause in favour of London ? A spring morning there is the very reverse of Thomson's description ; for "delicious mildness" read "a cutting east wind;" and for "veiled in roses" substitute "smoke and fog." The streets are given up to the necessities of life — to the milkman with his cans, the butcher with his tray, the baker with his basket ; all belong to the material portion of existence. Now, marriage is (or ought to be) an affair of affections, sentiments, &c. The legislature ought to give it the full benefit of moonlight and wax-candles.

  2. I think it is absolutely appropriate that the prime minister and the cabinet made this decision, she will be coming to House of where she will be questioned by members of parliament, scrutinizing her role as prime minister, and that is the appropriate relationship between government, on the one hand, and parliament, on the other.

  3. They put public duty first and they don't want to see a no-deal Brexit, if House of asks them to lead an emergency government to get our country out of this Brexit mess and to stop us driving off that cliff to a no deal, then yes they are prepared to do that.

  4. Finally, House of is going to have to make a final judgment on what it wants in terms of Brexit.

  5. If we do go forward to Monday, and if on Monday one or more propositions get a majority backing in House of, then we will have to work with the government to get the government to implement them. There is nobody else other than the government to implement them.

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