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ˈveɪ kən siva·can·cy

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. being unoccupied

  2. an empty area or space

    "the huge desert voids"; "the emptiness of outer space"; "without their support he'll be ruling in a vacuum"


  1. An unoccupied position or job.

  2. An available room in a hotel; guest house, etc.

  3. Empty space.

  4. Lack of intelligence or understanding.

  5. A defect in a crystal caused by the absence of an atom in a lattice

Webster Dictionary

  1. the quality or state of being vacant; emptiness; hence, freedom from employment; intermission; leisure; idleness; listlessness

    Etymology: [Cf. F. vacance.]

  2. that which is vacant

    Etymology: [Cf. F. vacance.]

  3. empty space; vacuity; vacuum

    Etymology: [Cf. F. vacance.]

  4. an open or unoccupied space between bodies or things; an interruption of continuity; chasm; gap; as, a vacancy between buildings; a vacancy between sentences or thoughts

    Etymology: [Cf. F. vacance.]

  5. unemployed time; interval of leisure; time of intermission; vacation

    Etymology: [Cf. F. vacance.]

  6. a place or post unfilled; an unoccupied office; as, a vacancy in the senate, in a school, etc

    Etymology: [Cf. F. vacance.]

Military Dictionary and Gazetteer

  1. The state of an office or commission to which no one is appointed.

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  1. The numerical value of vacancy in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

  2. The numerical value of vacancy in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

Examples of vacancy in a Sentence

  1. The National Assembly will take all necessary measures to fill the vacancy of the presidency.

  2. The governor is hopeful that Jon Kyl will continue to serve in the appointed Senate seat through 2020, at this point we would not speculate on a vacancy that does not exist.

  3. I'm sure John Cornyn's thinking about how long it takes to process a nomination, do the appropriate background checks, that sort of thing, maybe that's what John Cornyn's thinking. But we'll just have to wait and see. I assure you that if there's a vacancy, Senator( Mitch) McConnell and Senator Grassley will make that a priority.

  4. We're entering into an era of above-average development completions with no above-average demand, so the balance will move back towards the occupier, vacancy is at or around all-time lows, but it has just started to pick up.

  5. I can understand the disappointment of our Democratic colleagues, they were hoping that the Hillary Clinton would fill this vacancy on the Supreme Court, and she would appoint somebody very different from Brett Kavanaugh. I think what they hoped for is that she would appoint somebody who would -- who would advance their political or policy or ideological agenda wearing a black robe but acting as essentially a legislator.

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